Each guest is obliged to observe these accommodation rules:
  1. Every person interested in accommodation is obliged to present his / her identity card (ID or passport) upon his / her arrival at the hotel. If the guest does not have a valid identity document, the hotel is entitled to refuse accommodation to the guest in respect of the Local Laws for Czech Citizens and Act No. 314/2015 Coll. for foreign clients. The guest becomes a guest of the hotel at the moment writing into the accommodation book.
  1. The hotel is only allowed to accommodate guests who have a valid accommodation reservation and are properly registered. An email reservation is valid only after written confirmation from the hotel. The guest’s accommodation is defined during the booking and the corresponding price is charged for this type of accommodation. Information on hotel service rates is provided by reception staff and is available on the booking portal website. In exceptional cases, the hotel is entitled to offer guest accommodation in a different room than the one you ordered. However, this accommodation may not be different from originally confirmed accommodation.
  2. Unless otherwise agreed, the guest always pays for accommodation when moving to the hotel. Payment for services is possible to pay in cash or by ordinary credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Maestro).
  3. The hotel is entitled to require a guest deposit guarantee of CZK 1,000 per room upon the arrival of the guest. The deposit is refundable on departure in full if the guest duly transfers the room and does not cause damage to the property of the hotel. In the event that a guest damages the property of the hotel by his actions, the damages incurred will be paid mainly by the deposit. If the damage is higher than the deposit, the guest is obliged to pay this difference.
  4. Accommodation can be refused to people affected by an infectious disease, skin parasites, embarrassed and wakeful people, people under the influence of alcohol or under the influence of drugs.
  5. Accommodation is provided from 14.00 on the day of arrival. Guests must free the room on the day of departure by 10.00 noon, if they do not, they will be charged for the next night. Guests must close the faucets and close the door when they leave the room. Upon check-out, guests must hand over the hotel card at the reception.
  1. A continental breakfast based on a previous order is served in the hotel’s restaurant from 08.00 to 10.00 (breakfast is possible on request in advance).
  2. The hotel does not guarantee damage to deferred or forgotten items of guests. The hotel is not responsible for guests‘ accommodation or any amount of deferred money in the room.
  3. The guest is obliged to observe safety rules, fire protection, and hygiene regulations. Every guest is required to save the hotel’s facilities. Guests are not allowed to move any furniture or equipment and make any interventions in the electrical network and facilities located in the rooms and in the public areas of the hotel. For damage, pollution or loss of equipment, the guest is obliged to pay a reasonable refund determined by the hotel operator. Hotel staff is personally responsible for safe operation, so the guest is required to follow their instructions.
  1. Guest is required in the period from 22.00 to 6.00 am to respect the night calm.
  2. When registering, the guest will receive a card that allows access to the guest room and entrance door. If the card is lost, a guest will be charged by the fee of 100 CZK.
  3. Only the hotel’s meeting rooms are available for reception. Only guests who are accommodated can access accommodation.
  4. It is not allowed to use electrical appliances except for personal hygiene appliances (eg, razor, hair dryer) and other personal items such as notebook, camera, camera, etc.
  5. Guests can use the wi-fi internet access in the hotel’s reception free of charge
  6. Children under 10 years must be for the entire stay under adult supervision. Any legal damages incurred by children are the responsibility of their legal guardian.
  7. It is forbidden to take animals to the hotel without any prior written agreement with the hotel.
  8. In the event of a serious injury or illness, the guest shall inform the hotel staff who is required to provide first aid, medical help. The charge for the transfer and treatment is paid by the guest himself.
  9. In the whole building (with the exception of the restaurant garden) there is no smoking area and the use of candles and other combustibles is also forbidden. In case of non-compliance we will allow you to charge 5.000, – CZK.
  10. No weapons can be worn or kept in all areas of the hotel.
  11. Hotel guests are not allowed to consume their own drinks and food.
  12. Persons with reduced mobility and persons unable to move independently can only be accommodated in rooms No. 14 and 15, which are equipped for such accommodation.
  13. Guests are responsible for damage caused to the hotel property. The guest shall pay the damage caused by him unless he proves that he has not caused it. This hotel claim also applies to damage found after the guest’s departure.
  14. Guests are required to acquaint themselves with the accommodation rules, regulations and comply with the provisions of these Rules. In case of a demonstrable serious breach of the accommodation Rules, the hotel operator is entitled to cancel the accommodation even before the agreed time, without compensation.
  15. Any complaints, wishes or requests may be addressed by the hotel staff or hotel management. The staff will make every effort to meet the guest’s wishes.
  1. Information on the handling of personal details of the guests: KOLŠTEJN, a.s, IČ: 27418201, with its registered office at Branná 1 (hereinafter Administrator), processes personal data in accordance with Regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament and Council of 27 April 2016 and other legislation. The administrator processes data obtained primarily from the data subject and data obtained from third parties (such as accommodation portals, etc.) who are authorized to share the data with the administrator when the data controller processes data from third parties only to the extent necessary for the performance of contracts or statutory obligations in the sense below. Personal data in the scope of the name and surname, date of arrival and departure, telephone number, e-mail address, home address, date of birth may be processed for the purpose of concluding and fulfilling the accommodation agreement and for the purpose of exercising the rights of the Administrator under this contract. Personal data in the scope of the name and surname, date of arrival and departure, the address of residence, the purpose of residence, ID number may be processed in order to fulfill the obligations of the Administrator imposed by Act No. 565/1990 Coll., On Local Fees, as amended. Personal data in the scope of the name and surname, date of arrival and departure, address of residence, date of birth, identity card number, nationality, visa number and purpose of stay may be processed in order to fulfill the duties of the Administrator pursuant to Act No. 326/1999 Coll. residence of foreigners in the territory of the Czech Republic and amending certain acts as amended.
  1. These accommodations Rules come into force on 1.10.2018.